Setbacks and Graphic Novel News

The other night I had a major mishap.  I was reformatting some of my flash drives and accidentally formatted my external HD which houses pretty much anything and everything I collect on the web as well as all of my painting files.   The irony is, I was planning on burning everything on discs that same night.  Needless to say I’ve been frantically trying to recover all of my files and my lost artwork.  So far I’ve had some success in doing so, but it looks like my current WIP of Beautiful Decay is gone and I will have to start from scratch 😦  I still have a ton of files to sift through so maybe there is hope that I will unearth it yet.

On a happier note,  the charity graphic novel for the troops Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan is available for ordering.   I think there’s a pretty good chance by Semper Fi pinup is in it 🙂

Well, that’s all for now.  Back to sorting files.  I wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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2 responses to “Setbacks and Graphic Novel News

  • Jess

    Ohhh my lord, that is awful!! Were you able to retrieve those files??

    ps–hope you had a nice valentines day! ❤

    • mwilsonart

      Believe it or not, I was able to recover a large chunk of files, but so far I haven’t found my WIPs in PSD format. Some paintings that I didn’t care much about were found but they were all converted to JPGs 😦

      The program that recovered them stuck all the files in ONE single folder and erased all the filenames. They’re now numbered sequentially, so I have to look at each one to figure out what they are.

      Yes, V-Day was nice as well as low key. Hope you had a better one!

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