My Friends On DeviantArt

  • DarthFar – He’s extremely talented with both digital painting and traditional work. He has a huge gallery full of amazing pieces ranging from popular Star Wars games/movies fan art, humorous pieces and many original works.
  • Dabull04 – David Turnbull has a fabulous gallery of people and animal portraits, as well as some fan art. His preferred medium is graphite. He resides in the UK. Go and check out his extensive gallery. He’s also selling some matted animal portraits on his personal website. If you’re interested, please go here.
  • Ellastasia – Jessica Matteliano specializes in digital art, but she also does graphite drawings from time to time. Check out her equine paintings, and her fabulous Hollywood Divas paintings.
  • Foudroyant – Sini Gustafsson is a wonderful friend and artist from Finland, with talent to boot! Visit her web page, and browse her galleries of pencil drawings, watercolor paintings, photography and photomanipulations.
  • Svera – My little “sister” from Germany. Daniela Wolf’s talent with a pencil is breathtaking. I can only hope to be as good as her one day. Check out her gallery for some amazing fan art/celebrity drawings.
  • Witchi1976 – Marion is a wonderful friend and artist from Germany, with fantastic drawings in graphite, color pencils, pastels, watercolors, and charcoal.
  • WraithTen – My “big” sister Tory. One of my best friends on dA. She’s famous for getting me into a lot of trouble, making me laugh on a daily basis, and keeping me (in)sane. She’s mainly a digital painter, but she’s branching out into acrylics.

Important Information For Artists

  • –  Business or Hobby? Answer Has Tax Implications!
  • Tax Guide for Visual Artists – If you’ve ever wondered whether your art is taxable (especially if you consider yourself only a “hobby artist”) then this is the article for you!
  • Creative Commons – A range of copyright licenses which sets it out in clear, unambiguous language.

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